Juli + Noel - Lombardi House Wedding

It's always a distinct honor to be chosen to provide calligraphy details for any bride + groom, but when one of your most cherished friends asks you to be a part of their Big Day, it feels extra special. Juli + Noel are a very special couple, apparent in every detail of their wedding. It was unbelievably beautiful at the Lombardi House that day, which is no surprise since they are one of those couples that are almost unapproachably cool--do you know what I mean?

The vibe at their wedding was one of genuine LOVE and personal gratitude, from both the bride + groom to their guests as well as from their guests toward Juli + Noel. 

I provided some unique details for their day, including escort cards with gold calligraphy names and table numbers, but on the back are specific details about each guest (and lots of inside jokes), as written by the bride and groom, in luxe gold foil. Table numbers are gold foiled as well. And let's not forget about their hashtag sign, so they could collect all their social photos in one place. 

Congrats, Juli + Noel!

photo credit: Nicole Leever