Hadley's First Birthday - Oh Happy Day!

First birthdays are possibly one of my favorite things to work on. Partly because, as a mom of two, I know that it's a culmination of all the hard work, sleepless nights and sacrificing (your time, your body, everything!) that goes into that first year. And partly because first birthdays are so fun--I personally love to go overboard for first (and sometimes, second) birthdays, and I love it when parents are all-in on that first party. 

When my oldest daughter turned one, my good friend Emily hopped on a plane and came to the party. She stayed up late with me the night before while I handmade a TON of decorations and supported me throughout the party day. When a friend can share those important family milestones with you, it's hard to forget.

So when that same friend's daughter turned one, you'd better believe I was there with all my calligraphy supplies, ready to work! Months before, Emily went through her vision for the party and I created a completely custom invitation and watercolor envelopes to match. It set the tone for the creativity that would go into the party--Emily went all out! 

Before I went to the party, I created custom cake toppers for the cake as well as Hadley's smash cake, each with gold glitter. The milestone chalkboard was done with a mix of chalk and chalk marker, and includes all of Hadley's details to capture her first year. I love these because they help the party guests to know all about the birthday girl! 

We nearly pulled an all-nighter the night before getting everything together, but that's when all the good conversations, laughing/tears and memories happen. I love this little girl, her mom and her whole extended family and was so grateful to be a part of this party! Happy birthday, Hadley!

photo credit: Madison Shelley